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Reading Guide for Book Clubs – When There Is No Cure

1. What is the underlying theme of this book?
2. Did the author bring a perspective different from other books you have read on this subject?
3. In the subtitle and throughout the book, the author uses the term ‘thrive’. What does thriving while living with chronic illness look like to you?
4. What new things did you learn about living with chronic illness?
5. If you are living with chronic illness, how has your illness impacted your family?
6. Did the author’s discussion on seeking help when there are no approved therapies help you think about how to manage your illness?
7. What are your thoughts about facing an unknown future with chronic illness?
8. Building on the author’s discussion about how to help those living with chronic illness, what other ways can others be of help to those on this journey?
9. What might you change in your life as a result of reading this book?
10. Are the topics covered by the author consistent with your life experience?
11. What part of the book did you connect with most?
12. What topics do you feel the author left unaddressed?
13. What aspect of the author’s story did you most relate to?
14. Are their gaps in his personal experience you wish the author included?
15. What other books have you read on this topic that you would recommend to others?
16. What might you recommend the author change about this book?

Download A PDF Of These Questions